Alberta Glycomics Centre Research ProjectsOur Focus

Research at the Alberta Glycomics Centre is based on understanding the interactions of carbohydrates at the molecular level and applying the knowledge gained toward medical and commercial applications. Efforts to decipher the structure and function of carbohydrates focus on three major areas of Glycomic Science:

  • i) Carbohydrate Therapeutics

    Carbohydrates play critical roles in many pathological processes. Several projects at the Centre aim to design and develop effective therapeutic agents and/or vaccines against infectious agents such as the pathogens that cause tuberculosis, bloodstream infections in hospitalized patients, and gastrointestinal infections. Other projects are focused on developing carbohydrate-based strategies to combat other diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • ii) Structural Glycobiology Methods

    A fundamental understanding of carbohydrate structure and function would not be possible without the proper analytical tools. The development of methods that provide researchers with innovative tools for probing deeper into the molecular nature of carbohydrate interactions is critical for continued progress in carbohydrate research. The Centre has several projects aimed at expanding this glycoanalytical toolbox. These include glycoengineering approaches that exploit bacterial systems to generate complex carbohydrates by design, single molecule and single cell techniques that will enable a closer look at carbohydrate-guided processes at the cell surface, novel mass spectrometry methods that will facilitate discovery of carbohydrate-binding proteins, and new computational methods that will enable exploration into carbohydrate structure and function at the atomic scale.
  • iii) Analytical Glycobiology Methods

    Detailed knowledge of carbohydrate structure can offer valuable insight into carbohydrate function as well as the design of therapeutics or other commercially viable carbohydrate-based materials. Use of technologies that provide structural information, such as X-ray crystallography and computational methods, is instrumental to the success of several projects at the Centre.

Ongoing Projects

  • Development and evaluation of a Candida albicans vaccine
  • Novel therapeutics for diarrhea and colitis associated with Clostridium difficile infections
  • Novel therapies for tuberculosis and related mycobacterial diseases
  • Glycoengineering in bacteria


  • Dr. M. Ebara - National Institute of Materials Science Japan
    Dr. S. Liu - University of Science and Technology of China China
    Dr. K. Ishihara - University of Tokyo Japan
  • Dr. T. Louie - University of Calgary Calgary, AB
    Dr. T. Raivio - University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    Dr. M. Ganzle - University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF) - Health Canada
    Dr. R. Narain - University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    Dr. D. Coombs - University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC
    Dr. A. Brown - University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    Dr. G. de Vries - University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    Dr. M. Pinto - Simon Fraser University Burnaby, BC
    Dr. C. Stratilo - Defence Research and Development Canada Canada
    Dr. E. Brown - Mc Master University Canada
    Dr. M. Gray - University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    Dr. M. Stein - University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    Dr. Y. Shi - University of Calgary Calgary, AB
    Dr. V. Wee Yong - University of Calgary Calgary, AB
    Dr. W. Zou - NRC Ottawa Ottawa, ON
    Dr. D. Sanders - University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, SK
    Dr. M. Pinto - Simon Fraser Burnaby, BC
    Dr. P.N. Roy - University of Waterloo Waterloo, ON
    Dr. C. Whitfield - University of Guelph Guelph, ON
    Dr. L. West - Faculty of Medicine University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    Dr. D. Cramb - University of Calgary Calgary, AB
    Dr. C. Scaman - UBC Canada
    Dr. S. Evans - U of Victoria Victoria, BC
    Dr. Y. Xu - University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    Dr. J. Buriak - NINT Canada
    Dr. A.C. Gingras - University of Toronto Toronto, ON
    Dr. J. Tanha - NRC, Ottawa Ottawa, ON
    Dr. A. Stintzi - University of Ottawa Ottawa, ON
    Dr. A. Kropinski - Public Health Agency of Canada Canada
    Dr. S. Evoy -NINT Canada
    Dr. J. Tanha, Dr. J. Li, Dr. E. Vinogradov, Dr. J. Kelly-NRC-IBS Canada
    Dr. D. Jakeman - Dalhousie University Halifax, NS
    McMaster University (High throughput screening facility) Canada
    Dr. R. Rennie - University of Alberta Hospital Edmonton, AB
    Dr. M. Deyholos - University of Alberta Edmonton, AB
    Drs. J. Kelly, I. Schoenhofen, E. Vinogradov - NRC Ottawa, ON
    Dr. M. Amrein - University of Calgary Calgary
    Dr. W. Yong - University of Calgary Calgary
  • Dr. T. Peter - University of Lubeck Europe
    Dr. R. Woods - CCR Ireland Ireland
    Dr. Jim Naismith - St Andrews Scotland
    Dr. V. De Berardinis - CEA/DSV/Institut de Génomique/Genoscope France
    Dr. J. Bengoechea - Fundacion Caubet-CIMERA Illes Balears Spain
    Dr. M. Curtis - University of London England
    Dr. M. Aebi - ETH Zurich Switzerland
    Dr. S. Schild - University of Graz Austria
    Dr. B. Ernst - University of Basel Europe
    Dr. M. Palcic - Carlsberg Europe
    Dr. K. Drickamer - Imperial College of London England
    Dr. A. Siriwardena - Universite de Amiens Europe
    Dr. V. Ferrieres/Dr. R. Daniellou - Universite de Rennes Europe
    Dr. A. Imberty/Dr. A. Varrot- CNRS Grenoble Europe
    Dr. M. Palcic/Dr. O. Hindsgaul - Carlsberg Laboratory Europe
    Dr. . Appelmelk - Vrije Universitet - Amsterdam Europe
    Dr. G. Besra - University of Birmingham Europe
    Dr. K. Mikusova - Comenius University Bratislava Europe
    Dr. O. Martin - CNRS Europe
    Dr. N. Morrice - University of Dundee Europe
    Dr. A. Fernie - Max Planck Institute, Golm Germany
    Dr. M. Vamvakaki - University of Greece Greece
    Dr. S. Lecommandoux - University of Bordeaux France
    Dr. M.T. Charryere - Biomerieux France
    Dr. F. Parra -Universidad de Oviedo Spain
    Dr. M. Rupnik - Institute of Public Health, Maribor, Slovenia Europe
    Dr. L. Brondsted -University of Copenhagen Europe
    Dr. B. Wren - SHTM Europe
  • Dr. F. Goldbaum - Instituto Leloir Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Dr. E. Garcia Vescovi - Universidad de Rosario Santa Fe, Argentina
    Dr. J. Ugalde - Universidad de San Martin Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Dr. M. Donnenberg - University of Maryland US
    Dr. J. Cutler - The Research Institute for Children US
    Dr. R. Rennie - U of A Hospitals US
    Dr. J. Paulson - Scripps Institute US
    Dr. D.E. Golan - Harvard Medical School US
    Dr. J.S. Morrow - Yale Medical School US
    Dr. R. Schnaar - JohnsHopkins University US
    Dr. J. Gervay-Hague - University of California-Davis US
    Dr. D. Weiss - Emory University US
    Dr. E. Skaar - Vanderbilt University US
    Dr. P.G. Wang - The Ohio University Ohio
    Dr. C. Lebrilla - UC Davis US
    Dr. L. Hsieh-Wilson - CalTech US
    Dr. R. Holm - Harvard University US
    Dr. A. Izzo/Dr. J. Spencer/Dr. D Chatterjee/Dr. M. McNeil/Dr. P. Brennan US
    Dr. D. Freedberg - NIH Bethesda US
    Dr. B. Lacy - Vanderbilt University US
    Dr. N. Razi - The Scripps Research Institute US
    Dr. B. Imperiali - MIT US
    Dr. W. Miller - USDA US
    Dr. S. Melville - Virginia Tech US
    Dr. J. Lamos - University of Rochester US
    Dr. B. Korba - Georgetown University US
    Dr. H. Feng - University of Maryland US
    Dr. Y. Chang - Cornell University US
    Dr. R. Woods - University of Georgia US
    Dr. M. Pierce - University of Georgia US

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